Quality Meat

After 40+ years, meat market manager and butcher Ray Towry retired in 2020. Holt'sIGA thanks him for his many years of dedicated service. Thanks to Rays training, assistant market manager and butcher Brandon Cartwright was ready to take the reigns. Brandon and his staff continue to stock the finest quality of meats, which are all born/raised/hatched in the USA!!!! Brandon and his staff know a thing or two about the perfect cut of meat. From rib-eye steaks to ribs, whole chickens to turkeys, Brandon and his staff stock the meat department with the freshest offerings of meat.

Customers can expect to find USDA Select, Choice and Prime grades of
meat at Holt’s IGA. Brandon and his staff also offer special cuts upon
request. Stop in today and tell Brandon and his staff hello, and while you are there pick up you breakfast lunch and dinner.